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Welcome to SKINSART


The Mission

To make a difference through ART.

One way I achieve this is by painting celebrities and leading figures who feel the same way.

The paintings I create are then offered to the celebrities' fan base or offered to major companies clients at various gala dinners throughout the year with all of the money going to the chosen charity.

The fans and clients get an opportunity to acquire a unique gift, the celebrity or company contribute to a good cause, and I get to fulfil my dream of making a difference through ART. 


Here is Gareth Bale creating OVER 700,000 likes on insta and raising thousands for VELINDRE CANCER



Raised for CHARITY

Your purchases and donations have already helped so many charities, from Velindre Cancer Centre to Teenage Cancer Trust and so many more. With your continued support, we're going to hit£1 MILLION!



From Freddie Mercury to Eminem, to Tiger Woods and Sir Ian Botham, I've been painting my favourite icons for over 40 years.



To make a difference through art! With each and every purchase, your generosity makes a positive impact to real people across the globe.

1.15 Tyson Fury web.png


I want to create striking stop and stare paintings that generate passionate debate.

Just like your favourite music reaches inside you, I want my work to transport the viewer above and beyond the increasingly homogenised world we live in and scream "WHY NOT!?"

I want your spirit to be fully engaged. Drawn in and seduced by brush stokes and a palette that demands further inspection.

Normal, conventional, mundane, people and ART leaves me cold.

My aim is to stir emotion, and I sincerely hope my work conveys that.

1.15 Tyson Fury web.png


Sir Rod Stewart and Lady Penny making a massive difference at an unbelievable evening in The Rosewood Hotel in London.

The event raised £1 million in one night and my painting of Rod sold for £23,000, with all the money going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Huge thanks to the organiser, Mark Aldridge. Can’t wait to see where the future takes us!




“NOT BAD...just kidding, I love it!”


—  Rod Stewart

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